The Story Behind The Wise Man

Founder and President of BANK DATA BANK, an Independent Consultancy,
Doug has over the past 22 years, designed and managed major management consulting and technology projects for 58 major domestic and foreign banks and Wall Street firms. Prior to this he held executive and technical positions with CITIBANK, THRIFT TRANSFER SERVICES INC., COOPERS & LYBRAND and the RCA CORPORATION, the latter while based in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Doug works with the entire spectrum of modern financial services technology, including trading telecommunications and computers, LAN/WAN design, communications cabling, wireless communications, front and back office financial processing systems, security software and devices, and special hardware and software projects of all types.

He serves as an Expert Witness in telecom and computer matters in state and federal courts.

He also does General Management Consulting Engagements, Market Research and Strategic Planning.

A respected designer of original computer hardware and software for the financial services industry, Doug is the inventor of "WITS" (Wireless Integrated Trading System), a 20Mb/s bandwidth infrared system used for trading room disaster recovery; the TELEPORTAL electronic office access system, installed in major office buildings nationwide; and the Q-MINDER microprocessor system for measuring productivity in 'moving line' situations, installed at shuttle operations at LaGuardia Airport and various bank branches in Manhattan. He recently completed the systems design and programming of an online foreign exchange trading system for a Swiss hedge fund.

Doug is the founder of the Website "Wise Man's Guide To The Twenty-First Century" - a clearing house for information about the art and practice of Independent Consulting - and author of a new book (published by BANK DATA BANK PRESS November 2001) "Wise Man's Guide To The Twenty-First Century Independent Consulting Practice".

Doug studied Computer Science at Northeastern University, Business Administration at the University of Maryland, and Electronics Engineering at SUNY Binghamton. He writes for CABLING BUSINESS MAGAZINE, for MCGRAW-HILL's DATAPRO RESEARCH, the WALL STREET TELECOMMUNICATIONS NEWSLETTER and other technical media, and is the author of several books on banking, computers and telecommunications, as well as many articles in the financial press. He is a former U.S. Marine.

A licensed Radio Engineer, he is a recognized expert on microwave technology and holds the U.S. Top Secret Industrial Clearance granted by the United States Department Of Defense. He is a Member of IEEE, AIIE, ASM, EFTA, and is a Founding Member of the NEW YORK SOFTWARE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION.

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Some of Doug's Consulting Clients

Amerada Hess Corporation
American Express Company
Austrian Trade Commission
Banca della Svizzera Italiana
Bank Leu Ltd.
(Handelsgesellschaft fur Bank-und
Buro-Ausstattungen Normmodel
Kassenraumeinrichtungen GesmbH)
Bankers Trust Company
Bayerische Vereins Bank
Caixa Geral de Depositos
Cardkey Systems Inc.
Caxton Corporation
Chase Manhattan Bank N.A.
Chemical Bank N.A.
Citibank N.A.
CoreStates Bancorp
Credit Communal Banque de Belgique
Eberstadt Fleming Inc.
Eighth Federal District Court
EMI Malco Plastics Corporation
Garban/Garvin Guybutler
  Global Sarf Trading Inc.
Great American Industries Inc.
HBB Consulting, Inc.
Hill Samuel Inc.
JP Morgan Securities Inc.
Jones Intercable Inc.
Kiloran Financial Management
Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company
McIntosh & Co.
Moore Capital Management Inc.
Morgan Guaranty Trust Co.
Natwest Markets Inc.
Robert Fleming Ltd.
Roosevelt Savings Bank
SDS Sparkassen of Denmark
Securities Settlement Corporation
Sentinel Advisors LLC
Skopbank of Finland
Swiss Bank Corporation
The National Bank of Kuwait
The National Commercial Bank of Saudia Arabia
Trade Point Of America Inc.
The Zweig Organization
Zurich Reinsurance Corporation

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